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The Display Rooms of a Tile Manufactory by Leon Solon.pdf
An article about the American Encaustic Tiling Company showrooms on East Forty-First Street in Manhattan, written by the company's artistic director in 1922.

Some American Tiles by F.D. Millett.pdf
A description of the creation and manufacture of art tiles by the Low Art Tile Works of Chelsea, Massachusetts written in 1882.

E.A. Barber, Two articles on the Pottery Industry, 1892.pdf
Two articles about the development of the pottery industry from ancient times to the present (1891), and about the development of the U.S. pottery and tile industries.

Architectural Detail Part XIII by John V. Van Pelt.pdf
An article, written in 1922, about the use of ceramics in the designing of architectural details.

Brick and Art Tile in Architecture.pdf
An article, written in 1921, about the use of art tiles with bricks for architectural purposes as exemplified by the Mueller Mosaic Faience Company.

Ceramics in Exterior Work by Charles J. Fox, 1907.pdf
An article, written in 1907, about the use and value of tile and other ceramics for their sanitary features and as architectural decoration.

The Fort Pitt Hotel, Pittsburg, PA, Architects and Builders Magazine, May 1910.pdf
Descriptions of the Norse and English Rooms in the Fort Pitt Hotel in Pittsburgh, written in 1910.

Faience Decoration with Norseman The International Studio, July 1910.pdf
A description with photos of the Norse Room in the Fort Pitt Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA., written in 1910.

The American Terra Cotta and Ceramic Co., Terra Cotta, Ill., 1903.pdf
A description of the plant, employees and owners of the American Terra Cotta Company.

The New Jersey Mosaic Tile Co., Matawan, NJ--1903.pdf
A description of the plant and tile-making process of the New Jersey Mosaic Tile Company, and of its connections to the New Jersey Terra Cotta Co. and to the Mosaic Tile Co.
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