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An Unique Decoration (The Norse Room), 1910.pdf
An illustrated description of "The Norse Room" in the Fort Pitt Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA along with a reprint of portions of Longfellow's poem, "The Skeleton in Armor". The tiled panels were designed and created by the Rookwood Potteries of Cincinnati,…

Architectural Detail Part XIII by John V. Van Pelt.pdf
An article, written in 1922, about the use of ceramics in the designing of architectural details.

Brick and Art Tile in Architecture.pdf
An article, written in 1921, about the use of art tiles with bricks for architectural purposes as exemplified by the Mueller Mosaic Faience Company.

Canada's Clay Industries, 1901.pdf
A brief description of the clay industry in Quebec Province in 1901.

Ceramics in Exterior Work by Charles J. Fox, 1907.pdf
An article, written in 1907, about the use and value of tile and other ceramics for their sanitary features and as architectural decoration.

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